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Longer Tenors, Bullet Monthly Forwards, Daily Settlement, and Dynamic Margin's logo
Longer Tenors, Bullet Monthly Forwards, Daily Settlement, and Dynamic Margin
10 Jul 2023·Luxor

We have seen tremendous growth in volume, liquidity and the number of market participants, and we would like to thank all of you who have been actively involved in our markets thus far. These updates are just the tip of the iceberg, we are already working to bring more improvements as we continue to build out premier products for the hashrate market. What's new? The Position Manager got a brand new interface revamp that allows Hashprice Traders to visualize their overall position in a single

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Derivatives Position Manager Updates March 23's logo

What's new? * Show units in BTC instead of Sats with 5 decimals places, update BTC values to 8 decimals for CSV download. * Add dynamic Hashprice in Buy / Sell trader form. * Update OTC-markets page to link to HashrateIndex * Update support image in OTC-markets page. * Update LEI to Legal Entity Identifier in Settings Page. Fixed * Ensure reference hashprice and settlement rate columns in the contract performance table use 2 decimal places. * Fixed expired contract table pulling wrong

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