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Counter Offer & Edit RFQ
27 Oct 2023·Luxor

What's new? Counter Offer Now, counter-parties can negotiate pricing directly on RFQ through our Counter-Offer feature. First, the user creating a response to either a WTB or WTS RFQ needs to allow to receive counter-offers. If they do, they can input the minimum price that will automatically reject offers outside that threshold (this threshold is anonymous to protect the party from disclosing its bottom price). Then, the RFQ creator can decide to counter an answer. To counter, RFQ creators

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Payments RFQs's logo
Payments RFQs
27 Oct 2023·Luxor

What's new? Our primary objective is to provide you with a seamless and safe ASIC Trading experience. With that in mind, we are streamlining the buying and selling process, bringing more workflows onto our platform and reducing reliance on external channels like Telegram and Email. Expanded Payment Options: After confirming an RFQ, you can now conveniently pay using USDT, USDC (ETH and Tron networks with immediate confirmation), or Bank Wire. * Support multiple payments for an outstanding b

Luxor RFQ i18n and mobile support's logo

What's new? * Welcome mobile support. Add responsiveness to all pages and components of RFQ. * Added Chinese and Spanish language support to help non native speakers interact seamlessly with the platform. * Add pop-up that shows a break-down of machines for by Hahsrate RFQs that have mix batch of units. * Update confirmation message on WTB Ask modal. * Automatically cancel pending responses when an RFQ is cancelled or expires. This helps free up risk exposure for sellers. Fixed * Fixed

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Luxor RFQ WTS Release's logo
Luxor RFQ WTS Release
27 Oct 2023·Luxor

New features * Added WTS RFQs. Now sellers can submit their inventory for sale and get bids by different buyers. 0:00/1× * Added ability to reject an RFQ answer with a reason for the counterparty to improve his Bid / Ask. The counterparty gets notified of the rejection reason. * Added price per TH alongside clearing price for closed deals. * Added pricing summary with and without RFQ fees in RFQ response builder. * Add current and next fee tiers in settings dashboard. * Add RFQ by Type f

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