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The first mining pool that helps Bitcoin mining farms manage large-scale deployments with ease

Luxor Mining Pool Dashboard Operator Overview

Built to manage multiple clients and machines

at Luxor, we wanted to help Mining Farms manage an important fleet of miners potentially from different clients. We focuse the user experience on allow for an easy miner or client's subaccount management, so you can onboard more client and management without having to worry about client onboarding or dashboard scalability. Of course, all that without leaving the Luxor Ecosystem.

Optimize your hosting operations

We built Operators Dashboard so professional operators can easily manage a multiple mining rigs from different clients


subaccount 1



subaccount 2



subaccount 3



subaccount 4



subaccount 5


Luxor Mining Pool Dashboard Operator View

Customizable workflow

Luxor Mining Pool's Operator View onboarding is failry easy. First, ask your client to grant you access to the subaccount through our custom function. If you don't have a Luxor account you'll need to create one and then you'll see your client' subaccount miners.

Luxor Mining Pool Dashboard Operator View
Luxor Mining Pool Dashboard Operator View

Everything you need in one place

The Operators Dashboard is built to manage large mining farms and multiple clients who are spread across different locations and mining different coins with different setups and constraints. Our dashboard manages these complications so that you can spend time and effort on growing your business.

Luxor Mining Pool Dashboard Operator View

Client-by-client data

Easily manage your clients machines with our dedicated dashboard. You now have different filtering options and valuable KPIs and data for each mining rig so that you can make the right intervention on the right machine when needed. Gain back time and decrease diagnostic effort while improving your operations efficiency.

Luxor Mining Pool Dashboard Operator View
  • Easy setup

    We wanted to keep the onboarding process as simple as possible so that you can start as quickly as possible.

  • Scalable

    Invite as many clients as you want, there is not limit on the number of subaccounts that you can manage.

  • Reports

    You can easily extract the data that you have on your dashboard to do your own analysis or share it with your clients.

  • Mobile

    Access the same functionalities for our Operators View on mobile as you can on desktop.

  • Support

    At Luxor, our support team is always available if you need any help with anything.

  • And more coming...

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