Mining Advisory

The fundamental purpose of Luxor Mining Advisory Services is to enable new entrants into the Proof-of-Work mining space to navigate the complexities and challenges of entry into the industry with an expert trusted partner. Mining pools are natural focal points for many key stakeholders in the mining industry, which uniquely situates us with a robust industry network of partners and intimate knowledge of each of the various activities, products, and services that make up the full mining value chain. As such, we are prepared to assist clients from the project conceptualization and strategy phase through to the operational maintenance phase of a mining project’s lifecycle.

Many of the services and products we offer in-house, such as processing hashrate into bitcoins (a.k.a. “Pool Services”) and procuring ASICs (“ASIC Brokerage”). Others, such as ASIC Firmware, ASIC Management Software, ASIC Financing, and Hosting, we provide through introductions to our multiple partner companies in each of these verticals. In the case of a partnered service, we can assist our Clients throughout the entire process – service/company selection, introductions, term sheet or agreement negotiations, due diligence, deployment or activation of services, and subsequent monitoring of existing operations.

Luxor is flexible in how we structure the terms of our Mining Advisory agreements. We recognize that a resilient deal is one which is fair, reciprocatively structured, and correctly aligns incentives in the context of the business structures of the stakeholders. We are happy to design this agreement and its terms to suit the needs of our clients.

  • White Glove Service

    Leave the hassle of mining to us while you reap the outsized rewards of mining.

  • Trust the Experts

    Trust the Experts: 4 years in the industry gives you the confidence you and your stakeholders need.

  • Risk Management

    We tailor our advisory services to your specific compliance and risk management needs.

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