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Hashrate Forwards

Luxor offers both Deliverable (physical) and Non-Deliverable (cash or btc-settled) Hashrate Forwards to market participants.

These forwards can be used by bitcoin miners to hedge their revenue volatility, acquire additional hashrate, or as a financing tool. These forwards are also used by hedge funds, market makers, and speculators to gain exposure to bitcoin mining.

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Hashrate Futures

Luxor has partnered with Bitnomial to launch Luxor Hashrate Futures, offering miners and investors a derivative contract listed on a CFTC-approved exchange. This product provides leveraged trading while mitigating counterparty risk, serving as a hedging tool for miners and an institutional-grade investment avenue for those interested in hashprice, difficulty, and transaction fees exposure.

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Introducing Broker

Luxor has obtained regulatory approval from the CFTC to operate as an Introducing Broker (IB), enabling us to assist miners in hedging various risk exposures, including revenue (hashprice), energy costs (power, natural gas, etc.), and treasury (bitcoin). As an Introducing Broker (IB), Luxor serves as a facilitator, aiding entities such as Bitcoin miners in accessing financial markets and addressing their execution and hedging needs.


Explaining Hashrate Forwards Contracts

Luxor COO, Ethan Vera, explains how Hashrate Derivatives work, and how Bitcoin Miners, market makers, and investment companies can use them.

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Live Hashprice Chart

Hashprice quantifies how much a Bitcoin miner can expect to earn from a specific quantity of hashrate.

Luxor Hashprice is measured in USD per PH/s/Day or BTC per PH/s/Day

Live Hashprice

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Bitcoin Mining Hedging Calculator

Explore different hedging strategies with our Bitcoin Mining Hedging Calculator.

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