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How Introducing Brokers (IBs) facilitate trader relationships?

The primary role of an Introducing Broker (IB) is to facilitate the relationship between a customer who wants to trade and the clearing firm that connects to an exchange. IBs act as liaisons, providing certain services to the clients, such as onboarding, customer support, education, and account management.

Added value of an IB

Luxor's Introducing Broker (IB) makes trading Futures and Options easy by providing education, help with onboarding, and access to trade execution platforms


Customer wants to trade Bitcoin, Energy, and Hashrate Futures and Options and contacts the Luxor IB.

Introducing Broker

Luxor IB facilitates the onboarding to Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) to manage margin and clearing

Futures Commission Merchant

Luxor IB works with the FCM to onboard customers to the Derivatives Exchanges of their choosing.


Customer can then trade Futures and Options for Hashrate, Bitcoin, and Energy

Services offered by Luxor Derivatives

  • OnboardingLuxor IB facilitates onboarding with FCMs and exchanges.
  • Customer ServiceLuxor IB supports your all trading needs, from onboarding to execution.
  • Account ManagementLuxor IB helps you manage your positions, margin and risk.
  • Trading EducationLuxor IB provides Bitcoin mining and derivatives trading education.
  • Data ServicesLuxor IB provides industry leading data access.
  • Execution PlatformsLuxor IB can recommend execution platforms and support onboarding.

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