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What is a hashrate future?

A Hashrate future is an agreement to buy or sell hashrate at a specific price until a specific date in the future. This instrument is cash-settled, meaning no hashrate changes hands, but is settled to the Hashprice Index, the value of that hashrate.

This instrument trades similarly to other commodity derivatives such as oil, electricity, wheat etc. It is cleared by a Central Counter Party (CCP).

Understanding the Market Participants

Who should trade Hashrate Futures ?

Futures offers a tool for hedging and speculating on the exciting Bitcoin mining industry.

Miners and Service Providers

Miners and providers can use Hashrate Futures to hedge future mining revenue. This reduces the volatility of earnings, reduces cost of capital, obtains higher revenue certainty, and ensures mining longevity.


Traders use Hashrate Futures to speculate on a nascent market. Hashrate, the first form of compute traded on exchange, changes value based on macro events such as blockspace demand, chip product, regulatory and others events that give traders an edge on the market and ability to generate alpha.

Market Makers

Spreads to take advantage of in an interesting asset class

How to Start Trading:

Similar to trading other commodity derivatives, you will need to onboard through an FCM that connects to the Bitnomial exchange.

Luxor to help
onboard onto FCM

We will introduce you to an FCM and help through the onboarding process

Onboard onto execution platform

Luxor to guide the setup of an execution platform to place trades on

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Insights into the Benefits of Futures

  • Locked-in RevenueHedge your future mining revenue
  • Capital Efficiency and LeverageTrade larger sizes and durations with smaller amounts of margin
  • Long ExposureGain exposure to Bitcoin price, transaction fees and network difficulty
  • Eliminate Counterparty RiskFutures trades are guaranteed by the clearing house, removing your counterparty exposure
  • TransparencyWith a central limit order book (CLOB) all participants get equal access to: prices, size, trades, and volume
  • Short ExposureGain exposure to Bitcoin price, transaction fees and network difficulty

Initiating the Onboarding Journey

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