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Luxor Mining Pool is highly customizable and accessible for anyone who want to extract their bitcoin miner's stats for analysis and integrate their mining data into external interfaces.

  • API Keys created via the Luxor Pool GUI

  • Use Python to interact with the API either as a library or directly from command line

Easy Mining Pool Tax Reporting | by Luxor Mining

Tax Management

Luxor Mining makes it easy to report your crypto mining taxes thanks to our partnerships with leading crypto tax management companies. With their services, you can automate your crypto mining taxes for over 25 jurisdictions.

  • Our collaborations entitle Bitcoin miners using Luxor Mining Pool to get discounted services with our tax services partners.

  • Automate your revenue reporting

Luxor Mining Pool Dashboard | Catalyst by Luxor Mining


Luxor’s Catalyst service gives you the option to convert your altcoin mining revenue into bitcoin. Altcoin mining spreads with BTC returns. Start earning BTC for your GPU and altcoin ASIC miner hashrate today.

  • Altcoin Mining, Bitcoin Payouts: Luxor Catalyst

  • 5 altcoins to choose from

ASIC Miner | by Luxor Mining


Switch™ is Luxor Mining’s proprietary profit-switching crypto mining pool software. The service automatically points your altcoin miners to the most profitable Equihash blockchain on our pools to maximize your rewards.

  • With our smart-switching algorithm, we can pay more to our miners than if they were mining only one chain

  • Equihash Switch has consitently achieved a 8.0% reward uplift compared to solely mining Zcash

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