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Why choose Luxor Firmware?

Batch install and update
LuxOS with Commander

Simplify the management of your ASIC miner firmware with LuxOS Commander. Our intuitive tool allows you to efficiently install and update LuxOS across multiple devices in one go.

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SOC 2 Type 2 Certification

LuxOS is the first ASIC Firmware to achieve SOC 2 Type 2 certification, and the only Antminer Firmware developed, owned, and maintained by a US-based company.

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Seamless Integration

Unlock the full potential of LuxOS on your ASIC Miner with our comprehensive API documentation. Our API empowers developers to seamlessly integrate custom solutions.

Get 0% Pool Fees with LuxOS and Luxor Bitcoin Pool.

We offer further discounted fees for large miners, reach out to our team to schedule a call.

Batch install and update LuxOS with Commander

LuxOS Commander allows you to efficiently install, and update LuxOS across multiple ASIC miners in one go.


Firmware Success Stories: Unveiling Case Studies

Tuning & Optimization

LuxOS enables miners to react in real-time to changes in Hashprice to maximize their margins. In periods of declining Hashprice, miners can strategically adjust to more efficient operations, enhancing overall fleet profitability. Similarly, when Hashprice rise, miners can capitalize on this trend by foregoing efficiency and overclocking.

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Temperature Management

Advanced Thermal Management (ATM) enables miners to monitor and regulate the temperature of their mining hardware effectively. By maintaining optimal operating temperatures, LuxOS helps reduce overheating preventing equipment failures, operating safely in high-temperature environments and increasing the longevity of your miners.

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LuxOS curtailment enables miners to:

• Drop power consumption to ~25W in under 5 seconds.
• Restore power consumption to normal levels in under 10 seconds.
• Customizable wakeup steps that allow the user to control power-up sequence of the miner to reduce strain on the hardware and manage thermal stress.

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We've optimized hundreds of Bitcoin
Mining fleets with LuxOS

Don’t take our word for it: leading Bitcoin mining companies can speak to the quality of our products and services

BitMine Immersion Technologies
Sam Jorgensen
Director of Mining Operations at BitMineSam Jorgensen
LuxOS has helped stabilize our operations immensely, we've tested it extensively across various miner types and have had stable performance in both air, and overclocked immersion environments.
Mining Store
JP Baric
Founder & CEOJP Baric
We have been happy with the increase profitability and features provided by LuxOS
Daniel Ott
Chief Technology Officer at JigoWattDaniel Ott
Congrats to the Luxor team! LuxOs is an excellent product and thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their operations


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