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11 December 2023

Introducing LMF v5.5 - Luxor’s Newest Bitcoin Mining Pool.

v5.5 Streamlines Your Bitcoin Mining Pool Operations.

SEATTLE, WA, December 11, 2023 – Luxor Technology has been a pioneer in the Bitcoin mining pool business. Since inception, we've embraced the dynamic nature of Bitcoin mining, and we're excited to introduce the latest upgrade for Luxor Pools. The latest version of Luxor's Bitcoin Mining Pool was built to show more advanced data while streamlining your pool operations, and comes packed with novel features!

Workers Management & Visualization

One of the critical areas we've focused on is the management and visualization of workers. Previously, our users faced limitations in managing large fleets of ASICs. LMF v5.5 shatters these boundaries with a robust workers’ management system.

New Bitcoin Mining Pool UI

  • Overview: The new interface is sleek, user-friendly, and optimized for efficiency, providing a quick snapshot of your entire mining operation.
  • Miners & Revenue: Detailed insights into each miner and your revenue streams are now at your fingertips.
  • Subaccount Management: Enhanced control over your sub-accounts, allowing for more streamlined operations.
  • Wallets & Payments:
    • Flexible Payment Schedules: now you gain greater control over how you receive Bitcoin mining rewards. Either go with our threshold-based option and receive payments as often as every hour or up to every 24 hours. Or If you prefer, set your preference to automatically flush your balance daily or on a specific day each week, independent of the usual threshold.
  • Watcher-Links: Keep an eye on your operations with ease.

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Focus on Team Structure: A Completely New Feature

  • User Permission Presentation: Customize access for different team members, ensuring security and efficiency.
  • Approvals: Streamlined approval processes for critical operations.
  • Audit Logs: Keep track of all activities within your pool for enhanced security and transparency.


  • API Keys: Simplified management for your custom integrations.
  • Referrals: A revamped referral system to reward you for bringing in new miners to Luxor's Bitcoin Mining Pool.
  • Notifications: Stay informed when there is an increase/decrease of hashrate and or efficiency with customizable alerts.

A Bitcoin Mining Pool For Larger Bitcoin Mining Operations

The jump from LMF v5 to v5.5 marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing the best Bitcoin mining pool experience. We invite you to check out our the latest upgrades and share your feedback.

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