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1 February 2023

Luxor Launches First Bitcoin Mining ASIC Request-for-Quote Platform

Seattle, WA - February 1, 2023 – Luxor Technologies, a full-stack Bitcoin mining software and services company, has launched the first request-for-quote (RFQ) platform for buying and selling Bitcoin mining hardware.

An RFQ is a marketplace where users can create orders (requests) for specific items. Luxor’s double-sided RFQ allows both buyers and sellers to create requests for Bitcoin mining ASICs. Using an open-bid system, ASIC traders can place requests and negotiate prices directly, improving price discovery and increasing liquidity in the secondary market.

Miners have historically traded ASICs over-the-counter in an opaque and regionally fragmented market. Luxor’s RFQ will bring cohesion and transparency to the market by giving buyers, sellers, and brokers a central hub to coordinate orders, bids, and sales. ASIC Brokers will form the basis of market makers on the RFQ platform, and they can leverage it to increase their deal flow and facilitate more transactions.

“We built Luxor RFQ because we saw the need for a unified platform for trading Bitcoin mining hardware,” Luxor Operations Manager Lauren Lin said. “Before, buyers and sellers relied on a patchwork of venues to buy and sell mining hardware. Now, they can observe offers, listings, and settlement prices all in one place, which improves pricing transparency and expedites the mining hardware procurement process.”

Luxor’s RFQ will give buyers maximum flexibility by allowing them to request for orders by quantity, condition, model type, location, and more. Sellers can mix-and-match different models from different manufacturers in their orders. Sellers and brokers will benefit from the RFQ’s pool of users and auction-style bidding process.

Luxor RFQ is committed to transparency, providing users with all the information they need to make informed decisions about their purchases and sales. Platform fees are transparent and volume based so that market makers can transact in a larger, more profitable way.

If you are interested in learning more about Luxor’s RFQ, please visit the RFQ website or contact us at: [email protected].

About Luxor:

Luxor Technology Corporation is a mining software and services company that offers a suite of products catered toward the mining and compute power industry. Luxor operates a global Bitcoin Mining Pool, Hashrate Derivatives, ASIC Trading Desk and Bitcoin mining data platform Hashrate Index. If you are interested in contacting the Luxor Pool team, please email [email protected].

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