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13 November 2023

Luxor Now Offers Hashrate Forwards with Upfront, Fixed Payment And Delivery to Pool Accounts

Seattle, WA - November 13, 2023 – Luxor Technology Corporation (Luxor), a leading Bitcoin mining software and services provider, now offers deliverable hashrate forwards with upfront and fixed payment options for Bitcoin miners. This addition to Luxor's hashrate derivatives suite empowers Luxor miners to secure future revenue by locking in upfront payment directly into their pool account, providing Luxor clients with yet another way to secure income from their hashrate.

“This move addresses specific needs of derivatives and mining pool clients. In traditional commodity sectors like agriculture and energy, deliverable forwards are essential financial tools that commodity producers use to secure upfront revenue and mitigate market volatility. Luxor’s Deliverable Hashrate Forwards enable Bitcoin miners to sell their future hashrate production for immediate capital at a predetermined hashprice, while also providing the institutional investment community with exposure to the Bitcoin mining sector without the need to own physical assets” Mathew Williams, head of derivatives at Luxor, said.

Traded on Luxor Derivatives’ OTC Marketplace, Luxor Hashrate Forwards are an easy, transparent and secure way to buy and sell hashrate. In addition to the new Deliverable Hashrate Forward, Luxor also offers a Non-Deliverable Forward contract denominated in USD or BTC. This latest release will make accounting and management even easier for Luxor miners, because now settlement for both their mining and hedging financial activity takes place directly in their pool account. With Luxor, Bitcoin miners have an all-inclusive, seamless experience for managing and monetizing their hashrate.

About Luxor Technology Corporation

Luxor Technology Corporation is a Bitcoin mining software and services company that offers a suite of products catered toward the mining and compute power industry. Luxor’s suite of software and services include an, open auction ASIC Marketplace, a Bitcoin mining pool, a Hashrate Derivatives Desk, an Antimer ASIC Firmware and a Bitcoin mining data platform. If you are curious to learn more about any of our product lines or have any questions, please email [email protected].

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