The First Bitcoin ASIC Miner Request-for-Quote Marketplace

ASIC Miner Request for Quote by Luxor Mining

Transparent Pricing with a Tiered Fee Structure

Clarity in ASIC Miner Market Pricing – Absence of Concealed Fees or Exorbitant Margins.

Our fee system for Luxor RFQ is predicated on a 30-day transaction volume

While takers are subject to fees, makers enjoy the privilege of zero fees.

Tier 1

From $0 to $100,000


Tier 2

From $100,001 to $1,000,000


Tier 3

From $1,000,001 to $5,000,000


Tier 4

From $5,000,001 to $10,000,000


Tier 5

From $10,000,001 to $15,000,000


Tier 6

From $15,000,001 to $25,000,000


Tier 7

Over $25,000,001


Not Fond of Posting Your Own ASIC Orders?

Luxor's ASIC Trading Desk Team is happy to help! If you'd rather talk to a human about ASIC inquiries, be it for 1 unit or bulk orders, please submit your details below, and we'll reach out.

Get The Best Possible Quotes on ASIC Miner Models

Post your own buy or sell ASIC requests, and have them answered directly by Luxor's trusted network of ASIC vendors, clients, and investors. No matter your needs, size or location!

Pay in Bitcoin, USDT, USDC, or Wire Transfer to settle ASIC orders.

Buying, selling, and shipping Bitcoin mining hardware is better with Luxor RFQ

Bilateral ASIC Marketplace

The Luxor RFQ ASIC marketplace accommodates both buyers and sellers, enabling either party to post and respond to orders on platform. This bilateral design enhances user flexibility, simplifying the process for both buyers and sellers to agree on a mutually beneficial price point.

Enhanced Price Discovery in ASIC Trading

The Bitcoin mining ASIC market, which has traditionally been traded over-the-counter (OTC), suffers from fragmentation. By amalgamating brokers, miners, and investors, Luxor's RFQ marketplace transforms this into an open-auction system. This convergence ensures a swifter, more streamlined transaction experience for all stakeholders.

Tailored Order Specifications

With Luxor's RFQ platform, users are afforded the luxury of creating orders tailored to their unique preferences. They can stipulate distinct models, quantities, and conditions, even opting to combine various models within a single order for maximum flexibility.

Rigorous Partner Evaluation

Every vendor on the RFQ platform undergoes a comprehensive assessment. Our meticulous Know Your Customer (KYC) and due diligence procedures are implemented to guarantee that users engage only with esteemed sellers. Additionally, buyers are evaluated based on their financial capabilities to ensure a seamless transaction.

Enhancing Bitcoin And Crypto ASIC Miner Broker Operations

Get more liquidity by connecting with Luxor's global network of ASIC buyers and sellers.

Luxor ASIC Miner Request for Quote by Luxor Mining

Enhancing Bitcoin And Crypto ASIC Miner Broker Operations

Get more liquidity by connecting with Luxor's global network of ASIC buyers and sellers.

Luxor's Crypto Miner Request-for-Quote marketplace has been meticulously developed to offer ASIC brokers a comprehensive global network, connecting buyers and sellers, thereby augmenting their liquidity. While it acts as a valuable supplement, it is not intended to supplant a broker's existing operations.

Brokers have the capability to liaise directly with their clientele via the RFQ market. Following this, they can submit a corresponding request to facilitate order matching for both purchasing and selling parties. The RFQ platform employs a competitive auctioning mechanism to empower brokers in securing optimal price points for their clients.

It's imperative to note that brokers serve as pivotal market makers on the RFQ platform, and as an added advantage, they incur no fees.

Luxor Global Logistics

End-to-End ASIC Miner Delivery, Including Customs Handling

With Luxor, procuring Bitcoin mining hardware is a streamlined process. From the moment of purchase to its delivery, we oversee the entire shipment journey. For added convenience, buyers have the option to collect their orders from designated warehouses.

Benefit from our strategically negotiated rates for worldwide shipping and insurance, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and security for your order. Operating on a global scale, Luxor's ASIC miner brokerage and logistics division adeptly manages the customs procedures, alleviating you from the intricacies involved.

Choose Luxor, and experience transparent ASIC procurement without any hidden fees.

Luxor ASIC Miner logistics

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